About Us


Doug Rempp AKA Mr. McD's
Founder of Building Spaces

Mission Statement: Twenty years ago when I was only a couple of years into my business, I started looking for a building or space that could be our office for 3-5 people and have some shop and or warehouse space. Seems like hardly anything like that existed in our community, and what you did find was not very desirable to me. Okay fine, I will find some ground and have a quality metal building like a Morton building put up. Guess what, vacant ground for this type project seemed to not exist.

Determined I kept looking and kept eyeing a building Tim Sankey had their original dealership in. I talked with Tim regarding buying the building 3-4 times or more over a couple of years and finally he said he would be willing to sell. I made a reasonable offer and he accepted. That was 15ish years ago and the building and location was perfect for my Management Office. The building is now used/rented by others and I have kept an office there for now. The building if for sale would have a higher value as it is on prime real estate. I did not need prime real estate but it was all that was available that served my needs.

Over the years I have known others that have experienced the same or similar in looking for space. Anything for sale is usually run down, and if you want to build new, land is difficult to find that is zoned properly in the city.

Fast forward to today, I am semi retired with a lingering hankering (say that 10 times fast) to still do some Business things. I still have my office building, a smaller retail strip center building, and a little residential rentals. I also have capital to work with after several decades of keeping my nose to then grind stone. I'm in a great place personally but my gut tells me that the Void that I experienced earlier still exists.

Having a beer with a good friend late summer of 18, my friend talked about selling some land that had "Transformed" over the last year. A railroad used to run beside and or through the property, but the Railroad need went away along with the Railroad easements. I said, if you are selling, I would probably buy. I spent a couple of weeks doing my Due Diligence on the Property and purchased close to 2 acres just Northwest of Stanion Electric at Ohio and North Streets. With the wheels of the mind turning, I explored also buying a 1.5 acre parcel with Ohio St. Frontage that could connect the properties in the future and allow more options if someone wanted/needed Ohio St. Visibility and or access. That purchase was completed fall of 18.

My initial vision was Buildings like my office on Crawford that could have office space along with Shop and or warehouse space.That is what I have had drawn up. Phase 1 is moving forward with a 50x80 building a 60x80 building. Buildings are going to be Quality Metal Buildings with 12x14' high overhead doors, well insulated, heated, bathrooms, and provisions for a office. A wall can easily be put down the middle to divide the spaces in half. Other options are available with many lots available and GC's are available to provide more finish.

I think the location could be ideal for Contractor/Trades People who need shop/warehouse space with a office. Zoning is Industrial so most uses are allowed. I also remember my early days in business so I am working on getting a lease to own plan ready to implement. You may also be looking to turn a hobby into something bigger. A Man Cave, here you go. I look forward to this project and Phases 2,3,4 are in the Que. Let me know what you would like and we will explore making your vision a reality! Doug Rempp - DJR Investment Properties LLC.